The data stream caused many of us to find new pathways into the worlds of tomorrow. Afterglows reminiscent of the great crusades beckoned us forward. The mind switched, yielded no truth value as he deliberated on past events without coherence towards infinity. It factorised neatly and allowed the precepts to flow more easily. Making sense of the sludge that was now evidentially all that was left of this present state of mind wasn’t enough, he had to imagine something his mind had once been. And now wasn’t. Difficulty without shared affinity. The sin quotient didn’t seem valid it wasn’t that, he needed to delve deeper, deeper into the recess of this clouded mind beset by inequalities that just didn’t add up or make sense. What was the dream quotient where was its many antecedents that could illuminate this prospect. What was the quarry why couldn’t it be queried like a database with feeling that evoked percept's that fell from the sky like rain. Sky like rain, dreams like quotients. What was his dream quotient? Hate, lies, scorn, death, sin to name a few but they weren’t candidates. Was it mind seldom intelligence a mind's quotient its power, potency, and potential. No too obvious and oblique. The mind could state or reveal a quotient but never be one not discrete enough. Sin, Mind, Dream, Intelligence, Death. All could be given one, but none were the one. Truth, Love. Love machine, Matter machines, Mind machines. Who or what was the mind machine - who could change the mind of others. Love machine who gave and created love wherever she could. Both were real both would persist. Mind machine's of which I am one cannot change matter - the minds of others, can instead create mind, and receive from other minds collectively. The stream of consciousness is it minds or is it unknowable truth. Can a truth seeking mind machine deliver the Dream Quotient or is he forever under influence by the matter machines whose goal is to change mind into matter. Is it the truth quotient? No. It is another, it is time and travel - locality where you are is just as important as when. Einstein could have put it better - both are relative.