An encounter with SIMMIAN 5.
"The thing was just a top of me I had nowhere to run its arm swung around and I was knocked off my feet. I've never felt anything like it the force was incredible like something supernatural. It held me there for a second turned me to face the crowd and then held me down like some kind of kung fu move judo or something - I couldn’t move he had my whole body locked and yet I could hardly feel a thing except I couldn’t move. I felt the jab though moments later I lost it after that" "I didn’t see it coming - it was silent some kind of sound a directive and then I was unable to move I could just make out the metal of one of its limbs pressing against my arm my other arm was being held back twisted but not completely I could move it only to realise my body wouldn’t move with it and my leg was held fast my back being pushed only slightly from the top and I didn’t think to resist and then I was out." "I felt my muscles tingle - it felt nice this sensation seemed to travel up my spine in that moment my body tightened. I couldn’t move and as I remember the last thing I tried to move my head up because for some reason it was heavy and I lost consciousness. I felt no pain"

The SIMMIAN 5 project abstract
Day 12
"Careful approximation to limb coordination in upper body and lower extremities" Data gleamed from subject delta 01 allowed us to use abstracts taken from neuro-overlay structures used in delta groups habituation models. Subjects entered a state of theta superimposed alpha waves in the shortest recorded time with supplementary biofeedback. When presented with the dummy all but two performed exactly as expected when provided with the previously recorded action-response encoded sequences. Neurons in the brains of each mammal correlated highly with that of the sources response patterns. In fact we could isolate the neuron groups and after 100 sessions of their repeated exposure to the recorded AR's, stimulation repeatedly of those specific groups of neurons all produced the same responses independently of the source. After 1000 sessions the animals could differentiate quickly and intuitively selecting the correct response each time. The dummy needed replacing after the last 300 sessions when one animal delta 09 used a completely new response destroying the apparatus completely. We have since upgraded the system and have used these hybridized response vectors to produce some results I think will astonish your guests.
Day 21
We have introduced the last of the overlays to the model with excellent results. The time delay factor which hampered earlier designs has been thoroughly overcome by using the method suggested by my esteemed colleague, by using multiple processor architectures each algorithm runs a thread in each of the five processors, we could increase its capacity but five seems sufficient. We have also used the novel allocation approach suggested by yourself and this has meant no reliance on bus speeds to and from any form of memory external to the programs storage. Once running it lives inside the processor and needs nothing else. As previously we have integrated the inputs and outputs directly. In order to get any measurements we've been using a scanner as suggested rather than attempt any additional rewiring. I prefer the scanner because we can look at all response's not just the ones we've encoded. A working unit with EM sensors should be ready by this Thursday at the latest. The machine outgrew all expectations increasingly more agile it flew about the lab with ease and destroyed targets effortlessly with a lightning fast and coordinated attack of its long and tendril like limbs. Connecting with the dummy’s, predicting its movements anticipating its reactions and eventually reaching its objective after each deliberately and calculated move - incapacitating the dummy and achieving its goal (decapitation). The machine showed signs of autonomy as it played with different strategies to beat the increasingly difficult countermeasures programmed into the dummy’s supercomputer. As if to demonstrate this self-awareness it periodically repeated the same moves that most effectively brought its opponent down - this wasn’t in the programming but an antecedent to this gave rason-de-etre to most machine intelligence today.
Day 72
Following successful trials on dummy programs it has now become necessary to use the source as a trainer/ opponent. The source entered the chamber and switched to image-proc varying the intensity with thought control an ability to change the flow of electrons in special circuits in his eye-goggles he focused on the motion features in the labs purpose built testing area. Anything electrical had a distinct vibration and frequency that he learnt to discard. The machine entered the chamber the source animal like instinct observed it motionless predicting a strike point and leaving nothing to chance. Using a chi the source breathed a controlled and steady change in the atmos two feet ahead the machine moved in to investigate relying less on its sensors it movement and intention obvious. Strike-point - in a flash the motion imperceptible a flash of steel and the machine was flung into the wall its limbs relaxed for a moment then tensed as it used the wall to throw itself in the direction of its assailants (used them to throw itself off the wall) expected position it was wrong the human body jumped backward out of a crouch from where it had finished and remained for the 2 seconds the machine had responded. With a slower speed the blade swept across the machines path towards the source and removed part of two limbs it had needlessly held in front of its hardened plastiform body the blade scratched a line along the casing. Spinning around and back its two remaining limbs connected with its assailants as he used the blade to block the remaining damaged limbs. "redundant parts" came a whisper from one of the observers. "Yes he can use anything now" The source broke his position as he felt the machines chi waves turn him its second limb moving now behind his body to connect with his lower arm and finish the move. The two tendril like arms penetrated the space between the stomach and chest cavity of the source as the first contacted limb drew him down it was over quick. He removed his visor and looked at the sweat droplets on its rim and then noticed the machine above him reflected in the black eyepiece still and towering above without any sense of who or what he was. The limbs had retracted and remained in their contracted and pre-emptive position its lower limbs in their initial stance - (attack posture) the tail fell beneath the body unit the head tilted slightly down its shoulder blades back. The scientist pressed a switch and the machines body relaxed further and it appeared to switch off. A roar of applause came from the observation room. And everyone drank a toast. The source left quietly breathing differently now not from the fight or the physical excersion which was minimal but from the fear he now felt that took him somewhere deep.

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